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Lindsey Dupell
Goals and motivations
I am on a mission to foster positive change in individuals + communities by creating spaces with soul, spaces that inspire, spaces that protect, + spaces that heal. Often described as an enthusiastic + positive person, I am obsessed with meeting new people, building relationships, learning + research of all types. My designs are driven first and foremost by the people, but also by locally available materials + skills. I believe that form follows facts + that the built environment is the best vehicle for change. Viewing the role of architect as a facilitator, I am eager to create spaces with each community, for each community and always with dignity in mind. Through listening and amplifying the communities voices, I believe we can rectify the root causesof vulnerabilities, rather than simply alleviate immediate pain.
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Member since:
26 September 2022
Last login:
4 January 2023
Fields of expertise:
architecture/ design, disaster relief
Available for:
Hands, Design
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