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6 October 2023
The Power of Networking
Closing the chapter: A--D 2022 Global Challenge offboarding event
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On Wednesday September 27th, the finalists and ambassadors came together for the 2022 Global Challenge (GC2022) offboarding event. We asked the project leaders where the Global Challenge program had helped them the most, and what challenges they currently are facing.

The 2022 Global Challenge was launched in early October 2022 and attracted a great number of outstanding applications from around the globe. Nine finalist teams joined the GC2022 6-month accelerator program after a two-round selection process.

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To close off the accelerator, we asked the finalist teams about the impact of the GC2022 on the development of their projects and about their most important learnings and takeaways:

  • The Power of Networking

One of the most valuable aspects acknowledged by all participants has been the network we’ve cultivated over the years. Connecting with the supportive A--D network of experts and advisors, as well as with the other participating teams, is the greatest perk of the Global Challenge program. The A--D network is extensive both in expertise and geographically which means that most of the Global Challenge activities and meetings happened online. However, it's important to emphasise that this digital connectivity doesn't diminish the desire for more face-to-face gatherings and physical events for everyone involved.

  • Elevated Recognition:

Increased exposure and visibility are another added value of the GC2022. This has led to better access to funding opportunities, as in the case of the KuNa project in Nicaragua and the Kakr Buluh Awar project in Indonesia. Additionally, both projects have received local and international attention, attracting a growing number of enthusiastic visitors and stakeholders.

  • Empowering Project Advancement:

The advice and support of A--D ambassadors in the project support groups were pivotal for the development of the finalist projects. All teams expressed their gratitude for the interest of A--D ambassadors in their projects. The teams of Barrios Que Cuidan (Peru)the Women House (Morocco) and Kakr Buluh Awar (Indonesia) especially mentioned that the advisory role played by the ambassadors has greatly benefited their projects. The teams have also stated to have gained valuable insights during the accelerator workshops and Q&A sessions which helped further advance the development of their projects.

As we concluded in the previous edition, ‘Finance’ remains the biggest challenge. To address this issue in the GC2022 accelerator, we curated discussions, Q&A sessions and Roundtable Talks with experts and funding organisations.

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The meeting provided a valuable opportunity for different teams to reflect on their experiences, where they shared overwhelmingly positive and constructive feedback about the program. Their efforts are not only coming to fruition as they execute their development plans and build their projects but are also inducing a snowball effect within their communities, catalysing economic and social development.

To build on the success and learnings of the Global Challenge, A--D's ambition is to refresh our program's methods, fostering even more connections and facilitating collaboration opportunities around the world. Our next program will focus on fostering connections and facilitating meaningful collaboration opportunities so that more communities can access professional architectural expertise, and resources, to realise their projects.

Many thanks to A--D representative, Carly Althoff for lending her energy to the closing event of the 2022 Global Challenge and for her thoughtful takeaways.