join the movement ‪#‎TimeForImpact‬ and take it beyond ‪#‎BiennaleArchitettura2016‬!
Dear friends of AiD,

We have been promoting #Timeforimpact on our social media and you might be curious about what it is exactly…

We are embarking a new tool/ platform that helps connect world-wide talents and resources to community architecture initiatives. Now we take ourselves to the 'Front' where projects and an international community of experts gather in one place and time - Biennale Architettura 2016. Together with space&matter New Generations, AiD is thrilled to kick off a movement through Timeforimpact!

#TimeForImpact is also our pilot to test and identify the most effective tools to accelerate community architecture initiatives.

So what does it do? As a pilot, #TimeForImpact sets architects and experts in motion for continuation of urgent projects emerging during and most importantly - beyond the Biennale. The pilot is also our roadmap to further develop a platform to accelerate, or in our own words, to BUILDIFY community architecture startups.

Meet us at our opening, join the movement and take it beyond the exhibition!
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International Summer School
on modern earthen architecture and bamboo constructions

18 July – 1 August 2016 in Austria

Learning by doing in 4 practical workshops - Theory classes - Networking

Everybody interested in building with earth and bamboo is invited. Application is open until 4 April.

Information and online-application-form at:
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Kasirwa Earth House Workshop
We are working on the design, research and construction of an earth home with the local community of Kasirwa, Tanzania. Our team will together with the local community members explore sustainable design concepts and construction methods as we encourage the self-sufficient, sustainable development of the region.
full brochure of the project:
event on social media:
for donations:
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ASF Indonesia completed its first project in jakarta
9-month ASF Indonesia. One project completed and a website in progress Please, drop by :) Thanks!
Architecture In Development - Co-housing Project at Ciliwung Riverfront
Architecture In Development - Co-housing Project at Ciliwung Riverfront : Community-driven upgrading with bamboo technologies
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Wits University and Politecnico di Milano, have organized this collaborative upgrading workshop in Kya Sands – an informal settlement in the north-western part of the City of Johannesburg.

The workshop is framed as a laboratory for technical and social learning, open to international postgraduate students and young professionals willing to challenge their knowledge in a trans- and multi-disciplinary setting, while supporting the struggle of this disadvantaged community for a better life.

The workshop is open to applicants from all over the world with an internationally recognized Bachelor degree (or equivalent) in architecture, landscape architecture, regional planning, civil engineering, urban planning and sociology or master and PhD students in the same disciplines. Applications from young professionals with Bachelor degrees in geography, sociology, environmental management, and similar, with relevant professional experience are welcomed too.

There are 3 available Scholarships covering the 50% of the participation fee.


For info and applications:

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GARS-NEPAL.TIBET Earthquake Emergency calling on architects all around the world for reconstruction designing projects

1. To invite knowledgeable and professional architects from all around the world to take part in the reconstruction works in Nepal (incl. China Tibet) after the earthquakes.
2. To gain post-disaster reconstruction experience and establish an open platform among architects for future relevant projects.
3. To encourage professional exchange platforms for the public and the future architects.


Start-up:June 1,2015 Deadline:July 10,2015 selection : July 11, 2015 –July 20,2015 results:July 25,2015

Total bonus: 100,000 USD

Each one of A and B Categories shall receive:
1no. of First Prize, 20,000 dollars with the certificate and medal for each prize.
2nos. of Second Prize, 10,000 dollars with the certificate and medal for each prize.
5nos. of Third Prize, 2,000 dollars with the certificate and medal for each prize.
12nos. of shortlisted prizes with certificate.

Hsieh Ying-chun、 Zhu Jingxiang、 Wen-Chieh Chiu、 Yuan Ye、 Fei Bigang、 Sun Yu、 Sujeet
尼泊尔-西藏地震全球建筑师灾后重建设计方案紧急援助活动|GARS-NEPAL.TIBET Earthquake Emergency
尼泊尔-西藏地震全球建筑师灾后重建设计方案紧急援助活动|GARS-NEPAL.TIBET Earthquake Emergency
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Design-Build Workshop, Lebanon 2015
A great opportunity to participate in building a playground for Syrian Refugee children in Lebanon.
Become a Volunteer | Triggering positive change
Triggering positive change
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are they the ones who are shaping the future of Africa?
7 Architects Designing a Diverse Future in Africa | ArchDaily…
As the legacy of the Cold War fades and Western preeminence gradually becomes a thing of the past, population booms in Asia followed by the growth of a vast
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sLum upgrading project
Impressive project transforming a slum area in Pune, India
Seven lessons from a successful slum upgrading project | Citiscope…
Lesson one: Listen to the residents.
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Join the workshop in Kathmandu: 23-29 March 2015
Heritage Workshop to be held in Kathmandu |
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