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Architecture In Development (A.I.D.) is a completely volunteer-run organization, operated by our team members who balance working or studying next to their involvement in A.I.D.. Find out who are our current and past A.I.D. team members:

/// guest editors ///



Julie Hutchinson

is a fun loving, hard working and energetic person, currently pursuing her master study at London Metropolitan University. She believes that communities are one of the most powerful resources in design.



Sarah Essbai
An architect and urban planner by training, with experience in affordable housing, economic development and urban sustainability.




Adelle Main

has a background in landscape architecture and a masters degree in international urban and environmental management. She is interested in a collaborative, participatory processes involving local communities and cultures, the environment and economy. 


Amy Hetletvedt

is a licensed architect, preservationist, and writer. Her career has focused on adaptive re-use and community development work in under-resourced communities. She is often involved in the early planning phases of a project, providing assistance in master-planning, feasibility studies, and historical research.


/// guest writers ///

Paola Velasco

is an architect and received MSc from the Bartlett/ UCL in Building and urban design in development. Paola developed a great interest for researching: how public space is important for democracy; how architects can be political subjects.


jorge gerini


Jorge Gerini

is an urban designer at AECOM, specialised in sustainable design with a strong emphasis on building communities with low carbon and passive design. Jorge holds an MSc in Sustainable Urbanism at the Bartlett.



Alan Kadduri

is working with NIRAS International Consulting for bilateral and multilateral donors. Alan holds a MSc in Business & Development. He is a social business enthusiast with passion for urbanism, design and architecture in mega cities and beyond.



Lohita Turlapati

is interested in understanding how context-driven design can define how communities live and interact with one another.


/// communication advisor ///



Gina Hofstede

Gina has been our communication and content editor since end of 2015. She masters in communication, usability and technical writing.



/// founding members ///


Rob Breed   

Rob Breed 

is our visionary guy interested in how contemporary communication techniques can contribute to a more interdisciplinary architectural practice that seeks to strengthen the relationship between building and community.


 Changfang Luo

Changfang Luo

is a researcher, designer, curator and creative director interested in a more socially engaged, human centered development of media, urban issues, architecture & design disciplines.



/// ambassadors ///


AID-joost de bont


Joost de Bont

is an architect interested in serving people and societies with the built environment that they need and deserve.



AID-wouter pocorni


Wouter Pocorni

is an architect/urbanist interested in methodology within international development that would enable the strengthening of communities in resilience, sustainability, and cultural expression.



AID-max verhoeven


Max Verhoeven

is an architect who likes to work with hands. Fascination for culture, languages & architecture. Passion to learn and pursue an architecture in balance with its occupants and environment.


GianLuca Stasi

is one of our dedicated members that believes in hands-on work, participatory processes and multi-disciplinary collaboration.




AID-Juan Carlos Gaviria Moreno

Juan Carlos Gaviria Moreno

Born in Colombia and resides in The Netherlands since 14 years ago. Believes that only though collaboration we can achieve greatness. We can produce more efficiently, effectively and sustainably when we take other peoples wishes as serious as our own.




Felicity Cain

is a passionate person motivated by design and discussion of architecture that has a sense of place. Her goal is to be involved in projects that connect people to place and environment. Currently pursusing Masters of Architecture in the University of Sydney.




Imke van Leuken

is an architect with a strong fascination for humanitarian architecture. She believes that successful development projects are nog about putting a building in a community, but about building the community.






Hélène Thébault

believes that design as a tool should respect the environment, take advantage of constraints and use available resources according to the local needs. Hélène has been our guest writer.




Katja Majcen

is currently an Urban Policy Research Assistant at European Urban Knowledge Network. Katja has been our social media content editor.



Federica Garofalo

is a very eclectic and dynamic person believing in sharing, cooperation and coordination. Freshly graduated from TU Delft. Federica has been our guest writer and ambassador.




Alessandro Battiston

is our past social media manager, passionate about applied anthropology and believes that, when people build communities together, they fully express the human potential for peace and collaboration.



Jeroen Vader

is a web guru and our programmer. He is the person that turned our ideas into a real website.




Arub Saqib

is our past content editor who currently studies at UCL (Bartlett). Interested in self build, reuse, public realm and good architecture that increases life expectancy.



Monica Velasco

Monica Velasco

is our past editor. An urbanist, planner and enthusiast motivated by the idea to share/shape local knowledge of developing countries.










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